Straw Poll Picks Pence for Pres!!

At this week’s Values Voter Summit in Washington the winner of the straw poll for President in 2012 was Mike Pence!!

This is just as I was beginning to think that Pence was more interested in being Majority Leader in the House than being President.

Note that the winner of the Vice President straw poll was also Pence, so the win goes to the second place Palin!

Yup.  That’s a ticket we can live with!  Pence/Palin!!

More Hoosier Pride

I came across this in Sunday’s Journal Gazette.  It seems Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels, frequently mentioned as a possible 2012 presidential candidate,  took a bite out of his shoe.  A recent ceremonial bill signing

was punctuated by tears and emotion as family and friends of an Ohio woman who was killed in Allen County gathered to watch Daniels sign a bill spurred by her case.

After initially behaving appropriately for the occasion and signing the bill, Daniels says to the Ohioans:

Anytime you all want to move to Indiana, lower your taxes, you’re welcome.

More compassionate conservatism I guess.

Taking The Easy Way

Given what Sarah Palin has been up to since I last commented on her, I have to conclude that she resigned as governor to either cash in or to run for president.  If she left to cash in, then I guess she’s not doing too bad a job of it.

But if she does indeed plan to run for president, then I do not believe she is going about things in a helpful way.  In a post at FrumForum, Danielle Crittenden describes a Palin appearance at a charity fundraiser in Canada.  Her appearance fee apparently was between $100,000 and $200,000, so that is definitely cashing in.*  Beyond the hefty fee, Crittenden describes how everything was arranged to limit Palin’s exposure to unscripted or unanticipated situations.

I am not paying enough attention to Palin to know if this is how her appearances are normally handled.  Assuming that it is, then this is poor training for a presidential run.  Her cozy perch at Fox News is also no help.  Now is exactly when she should be making as many appearances as possible and exposing herself to unscripted situations frequently so she can compile some experience dealing with them.  One does not get elected to the presidency without an ability to ad lib a wide variety of situations.

Sure, if she followed this advice, she might compile a resume of gaffs.  But the gaffs would be ancient history by the time 2012 came around.

* Long ago I read somewhere a comment that whenever an estimate varied by 100% or more, one could infer that there was really no clue as to the  actual number and the estimate was worse than worthless.  So who knows how much she was actually paid!

It Doesn’t Hurt…

…as long as I only pat my lower back.  Click the Mike Pence tag for my earlier posts on this subject.

Mike Pence has not made any announcements that he is running for president.  But now he is in the top five!!!

The recent Values Voter Summit included a straw poll for 2012 and

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and Indiana Rep. Mike Pence each won roughly 12 percent of the 597 votes cast.

Huckabee won with 29%.

The momentum builds….


More Pence for Pres

I first blogged that Indiana congressman Mike Pence was considering running for President in 2012 on June 17.

Congressional Quarterly picked up on my posted the idea on July 13 (as I already noted).

And now The New Republic also posts the idea (though with the caveat that he was not likely to win).

I notice today that Pence’s blog has now been completely taken down.  “This website has been disabled

Pence For President?

Is Mike Pence thinking about running for President?  I first asked this question on June 17.  Now CQ Politics thinks so, too.

House Republican Conference Chairman Mike Pence of Indiana recently added his name to that list [of potential candidates for president for 2012] by scheduling a trip to Iowa starting July 25 — just before the final week of the hectic July session.

Remember, you read it here first!!

Hat tip to TPMDC.