I Made an Appearence in xkcd!!!!

You might not notice the resem­blance (espe­cial­ly if you do not know me!), but that is me in this com­ic.

It dri­ves me NUTS when I ask for an address and I get direc­tions instead of an address. Once upon a time this might have made a bit of sense, but no more. The direc­tions I get off of the inter­net are stun­ning­ly accu­rate. I’m sure there are exam­ples of mis­takes in such direc­tions, but I’ve been vic­tim to mis­takes in the direc­tions from the per­son who lives at the des­ti­na­tion (and I usu­al­ly fail to see the hydrant paint­ed like a clown.…)

OK, the guy in the com­ic is using GPS and I do not have GPS. This is just to keep me from suing.

Besides, GPS is not always accu­rate. When my son and his wife came to vis­it at our new house, his GPS announced that they had arrived when they were still a block away. Good thing they had the address.