I Made an Appearence in xkcd!!!!

You might not notice the resemblance (especially if you do not know me!), but that is me in this comic.

It drives me NUTS when I ask for an address and I get directions instead of an address.  Once upon a time this might have made a bit of sense, but no more.  The directions I get off of the internet are stunningly accurate.  I’m sure there are examples of mistakes in such directions, but I’ve been victim to mistakes in the directions from the person who lives at the destination (and I usually fail to see the hydrant painted like a clown….)

OK, the guy in the comic is using GPS and I do not have GPS.  This is just to keep me from suing.

Besides, GPS is not always accurate.  When my son and his wife came to visit at our new house, his GPS announced that they had arrived when they were still a block away.  Good thing they had the address.


4 thoughts on “I Made an Appearence in xkcd!!!!”

  1. Here’s one that fits with your peanut butter post.


    Ok, I just spent 4 hours reading those comics, and I have one question…

    How does that get so far, so consistantly, and so capriciously, out of the box ?

    Love it !

  2. It has only taken me 18 days to respond to this. Yes, the xkcd you link to does fit with my previous post.

    I can’t believe you had not previously discovered xkcd!

    I hesitate to say this but, you did discover the mouse over text, right?

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