Maybe Carter Was Not As Bad As You Thought!

The thought has ever so briefly flit­tered across my brain on a few occa­sions over the years.

Where were all these micro brew­eries when I was grow­ing up?

My fam­i­ly drank a lot of beer. But it was nev­er a micro brew, it was Bud or Shiltz or some oth­er major brand. Years lat­er, as an adult I see or hear about micro brews with regularity.

It turns out that beer drinkers have Jim­my Carter to thank for that!!

Who would of thunk it?! I’m guess there’s a few peo­ple who would have great dif­fi­cul­ty rec­on­cil­ing the “Carter is the worst pres­i­dent ever!” belief with this info.

Oh well. Life is hard sometimes!