Maybe Carter Was Not As Bad As You Thought!

The thought has ever so briefly flittered across my brain on a few occasions over the years.

Where were all these micro breweries when I was growing up?

My family drank a lot of beer.  But it was never a micro brew, it was Bud or Shiltz  or some other major brand.   Years later, as an adult I see or hear about micro brews with regularity.

It turns out that beer drinkers have Jimmy Carter to thank for that!!

Who would of thunk it?!  I’m guess there’s a few people who would have great difficulty reconciling the “Carter is the worst president ever!” belief with this info.

Oh well.  Life is hard sometimes!

5 thoughts on “Maybe Carter Was Not As Bad As You Thought!”

  1. IMHO, Though he was ineffective in many ways… I think Carter was the greatest president we have ever had.

    There was so much potential for good, there.

    Good for all.

    Not just the priviledged few, that every other president since Kennedy, including the current one, have all been lapdogs to.

    It’s too bad that the usual suspects felt the need to tear his potential, to pieces, because of their greed for power and money…

  2. Well, if we are to measure by potential. But given that he was not capable of standing up to the usual suspects one could argue that he did not have the potential. His potential was a mirage.

    He has been a much better ex-President than he was a President.

  3. “He has been a much better ex-President than he was a President.”

    Now that right there is an agreement.


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