Not the Most Embarrassing Thing I’ve Ever Done

Generally, though not always, the laundry around here is accomplished by the following process.  My wife, Debby, sorts it and puts it into the washer and moves it into the dryer.  Once the dryer buzzes, I get it out, fold it and deliver it to the bedroom (or wherever it goes). Sometimes when I am emptying the dryer I see that there is a load in the washer waiting to go into the dryer and I will put it in.

Yesterday that is exactly what happened. I emptied the dryer, grabbed the clothes out of the washer and tossed them into the dryer and turned it on (after cleaning out the lint  trap). Then I carried the dried clothes from the basement to the second floor bedroom and commenced to fold.

After a couple of minutes Debby was at the bedroom door asking me why I was drying dirty clothes that were certainly dry when I put them in the dryer.

In my defense, weak though it may be, the basement is cool and damp.  The clothes felt cool and damp.

On the other hand, as I moved them over the following thoughts went through my head:

Gee, this was a small load.

Gee, this stuff is hardly wet at all, I’ll have to be sure to get back down here pretty quick ’cause these will be dry in short order.

I knew this front loaders spun the water out good, but this is exceptional, I wonder if it is due to the small load.

Live and learn.