Not the Most Embarrassing Thing I’ve Ever Done

Gen­er­al­ly, though not always, the laun­dry around here is accom­plished by the fol­low­ing process. My wife, Deb­by, sorts it and puts it into the wash­er and moves it into the dry­er. Once the dry­er buzzes, I get it out, fold it and deliv­er it to the bed­room (or wher­ev­er it goes). Some­times when I am emp­ty­ing the dry­er I see that there is a load in the wash­er wait­ing to go into the dry­er and I will put it in.

Yes­ter­day that is exact­ly what hap­pened. I emp­tied the dry­er, grabbed the clothes out of the wash­er and tossed them into the dry­er and turned it on (after clean­ing out the lint trap). Then I car­ried the dried clothes from the base­ment to the sec­ond floor bed­room and com­menced to fold.

After a cou­ple of min­utes Deb­by was at the bed­room door ask­ing me why I was dry­ing dirty clothes that were cer­tain­ly dry when I put them in the dryer.

In my defense, weak though it may be, the base­ment is cool and damp. The clothes felt cool and damp.

On the oth­er hand, as I moved them over the fol­low­ing thoughts went through my head:

Gee, this was a small load.

Gee, this stuff is hard­ly wet at all, I’ll have to be sure to get back down here pret­ty quick ’cause these will be dry in short order.

I knew this front load­ers spun the water out good, but this is excep­tion­al, I won­der if it is due to the small load.

Live and learn.

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