There’s Bound To Be Some Doozies

On Saturdays, Daily Kos posts samples of the hate mail he received that week.  This week he features several emails he has received over the past year all from the same writer, “George Rockwell.”    Included is a copy of the letter Mr. “Rockwell” wrote to Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.

If you go to the site, the letter (at least as of this writing) is at the bottom of Kos’ post,  about 1/3 down the page (due to comments).  It is amusing.

While reading that letter, it occurred to me that there must be quite a treasure trove of amusing letters addressed to various Supreme Court Justices over the years.   I’ve always been aware that Presidents get a wide variety of letters, but it never occurred to me that Supreme Court Justices do too.

Seems like a compilation is in order.

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