White Tea Key Lime Raspberry Preserve

I have never been able to drink any beverage with the word tea in the name.  It is difficult for me to not spit tea out.  Horrible, horrible stuff.

But key lime stuff is usually very good.  And Raspberries are fantastic.

So Debby and I were traveling home from out northeast a few years ago and we stopped I don’t know where but I’m thinking it was far west New York near Pennsylvania.

I browsed the preserves.  And there it was:  White Tea Key Lime Raspberry Preserve made by Cherchies in Malvern, PA.  I almost didn’t get it due to white tea being not only in the name, but first!!  On the other hand, it was only $5 (at that time) for 13.5 oz and there was the key lime and raspberry part.

So I bought it.  I’m a bit more adventurous than I used to be.

Outstanding preserves.  Great flavor that is completely different than anything I’ve ever had.  Not just different, but good different. It’s been awhile since I ran out so I can’t be more specific.  But I sure was sorry when I ran out.

I can’t wait to be out that way again.  I’ll be stocking up a bit the next time I find the stuff.

Maybe I’ll even break down and order some one of these days.

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