Well, It Is True

While in a shop in Sarato­ga Springs, New York, I came across this jar of peanut butter.

The label says Peanut Buzz. And what is the Buzz?

Research sug­gests peanuts have more pro­tein than any oth­er legume or nut.

I would think that the com­par­a­tive lev­els of pro­tein in legumes and nuts is well estab­lished, so I find it odd that research only “sug­gests” peanuts have more pro­tein. But maybe it is so.*

Next up is

Peanuts may help improve HDL/​LDL ratio

Again, I find the “may help” word­ing odd­ly vague. But, again, maybe it is so. No men­tion of research here.

Peanut eaters can have lean­er bodies

This is most cer­tain­ly true. I am cer­tain that peanut eaters can have lean­er bod­ies. I am equal­ly cer­tain that they can have fat bod­ies, and medi­um bodies.

Peanuts have been referred to as Moth­er Nature’s “mul­ti-vit­a­min”

Real­ly? Some­one once referred to peanuts as a mul­ti-vit­a­min? Here is the nutri­tion label on this jar of peanut butter:

My apolo­gies for the blur. Let’s see, we can ignore the fat, cho­les­terol, sodi­um, carb, fiber, sug­ar and pro­tein con­tent since mul­ti-vit­a­mins do not nor­mal­ly sup­ply those items. That brings us to vit­a­min A (0% DV), Cal­ci­um (2% DV), Vit­a­min C (0% DV), Iron (4% DV). If your mul­ti-vit­a­min label even remote­ly resem­bles those num­bers, you are get­ting ripped off.

It is fun how the label begins with claims that may well be true, but states them ten­ta­tive­ly. By the time the last state­ment comes along, it seems to have as much author­i­ty as the pre­ced­ing claims. And since it seems a near cer­tain­ty that some­time, some­where, some­one once said that peanuts are natures multi-vitamin…

I did not buy this prod­uct so I have no idea how good or bad it may be. I have no idea if it is pro­duced by a small Sarato­ga Springs com­pa­ny or some mas­sive cor­po­ra­tion. But I do know that the label is right there with the worst cor­po­rate bs scam crap out there. Which is why I did not buy the product.

*Note that there are two lev­els of uncer­tain­ty here.

4 thoughts on “Well, It Is True”

  1. _​_​If your mul­ti-vit­a­min label even remote­ly resem­bles those num­bers, you are get­ting ripped off.__


    I love excer­sizes in min­i­mal­ist sarcasm.

  2. They for­got one.

    Peo­ple who buy this jar of peanut but­ter may become millionaires.

  3. I’m think­ing that some of the peo­ple who eat that peanut but­ter may have, or devel­op, rather large breast­e­seses, too.

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