I’m Back.

Moving is a disruptive activity.  It made sense that I didn’t get to blogging while we were actually in the process of buying and moving.  But we have been living here now since late October and I am only now returning to the blog.  We now live in a beautiful, old home in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  I imagine there will be  a few posts about the house in the near future.

Our computer died while we were getting ready to move.  So we live in a new (96 year old) house, with new computers, new isp, and now a new year.

Along with all that we purchased a new bed and had it delivered as soon as we had possession of the house.  We brought up a card table and a couple of folding chairs and then we spent a couple of days here cleaning before the move (not that the house needed much cleaning, the previous owners left it clean).  That first night we retired to the bedroom and turned out the lights.

But the room did not go dark.

We’ve lived in the country for the past twenty years.  At that house, when the lights are turned out at night, the room goes dark.  Eventually the eyes adjust and one can barely see by what starlight makes it through the window.

But not here.  Here the room is still lit as the light from the streetlights comes threw the shades.   A dramatic difference.

It is no big deal.  We can sleep almost anywhere.  But it was startling.

I immediately thought of my father.

I grew up in the same house my father grew up in.   While growing up, I never even knew which room was Dad’s (Dad wasn’t much about telling stories of his past).  Then one day Mom made a comment about Dad not being able to sleep in a totally dark room because he grew up sleeping in a room with light from the streetlight coming through the window.  Based on that bit of info, I have since assumed that Dad’s room was the room by brother had and that I moved into the day he left for college (kind of rude of me, really).

This is what I remember.  I can not swear every detail is true.

Happy New Year to all!

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  1. Dang !

    I’ve got to learn to not try to type in the dark, or to make sure that I proofread before I hit the submit comment button…

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