The Inheritance of Beliefs!

Satoshi Kanazawa is a blogger at Psychology Today.  He blogs about evolutionary psychology.  Not everything he has posted has sounded right to me, but some of it seems OK.  But enough is enough.

the fact that Barack Obama’s father was a Muslim Kenyan, descended from a long line of Muslims, will remain true until the day he dies, and nothing he ever does in his life can change half of his genes that he inherited from his father.  His genes are for keeps.  The fact that he has attended Christian church for the past 20 years is not going to change that…Obama is still as (half) Muslim as the day he was born.

It would seem that Mr. Kanazawa confuses ethnicity with religious belief.  And yes, Mr. Kanazawa is talking about religion here…

34% state [Obama] is a Christian (down from 48% in March 2009).  It is disheartening to know that 34% of the population has a dim understanding of human genetics.

This does open a door to an out if and when people become embarrassed about claiming that Obama is Muslim.  Now they can say that they simply meant that his ethnicity is Muslim (although I do not believe that Muslims constitute an ethnicity, but why be concerned with details at this point).

2 thoughts on “The Inheritance of Beliefs!”

  1. I would guess that if being born to Muslim parents, makes you Muslim…

    Then being born of Christian parents, makes you a Christian.

    So, apparently, the only thing one has to do, to be guaranteed of going to heaven, is to have the good sense to be born of Christian parents.

    There are fundamental disparities between the truth, and/or common sense, and what this guy is saying.

    He knows it. And he is counting on enough people to not pay attention, that he will be taken seriously.

    Pretty much like sleight-of-hand tricks. What you -thought- you saw was not what the magician -really- did…

  2. There’s actually a doctrine prevalent in the more Reformed strains of Christianity wherein “covenant children” — or children born to Christian parents — are assumed to be included in the New Covenant as well.

    Although I have a feeling I’m grossly simplifying that one.

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