Well, Yes. That IS a Problem.

For many years now (I’m guessing twenty or so), Indiana has had specialty license plates for automobiles.  Purchase of a specialty plate costs extra (I think $35?) with $25 going to the cause/organization. As the link shows, each specialty plate has it’s own design.  There are 66 specialty plate designs (104 different plate designs altogether).

I remember reading a few years ago of complaints from law enforcement that the plethora of plates made it difficult to identify a given plate. I did not grasp the problem because I figured that as long as they had a number they did not need to know which specialty plate the number came off.

Sunday I came across another article about law enforcement issues with the  specialty plates in the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette.

bureau officials consulted with law enforcement officials several years ago about how to make specialty plates easily identifiable. The plates were given a basic white background with black lettering, with the sponsor’s logo on the left side.

What wasn’t done back then was ensure that no two license plates would have the same sequence of numbers.

Read that last paragraph again:

What wasn’t done back then was ensure that no two license plates would have the same sequence of numbers.

For years, it has been possible for as many cars as there were specialty plates to have the same license plate number.

I’m sorry, but who came up with this idea? And why has it taken a couple of decades to correct it?

I Live Here and I Would Not Have Guessed

I heard on the radio today that Indiana is the third highest gaming destination in the country taking the place of Mississippi.  Nevada is number one and New Jersey is number two.  No surprise there.  But Indiana is number three!?!?!?  I consider this a dubious distinction at best.

I also learned recently that Indiana leaped into the upper echelon of wind power states.   I believe that Indiana installed 900 something MW of wind power in 2009 and now has a total installed wind power of 1036 MW.  This puts Indiana at number twelve of the fifty states in installed wind power.  Only Texas installed more wind power in 2009 (Indiana was not a close second).

Indiana has the wind, the manufacturing facilities, and the grid.

That’s better than gaming!